About Us

There’s nothing like owning your own luxury timepiece. The craftmanship, the design, the price tag! Everything comes together to create a feeling when worn that just can’t be beaten.

So, what’s stopping you?

At Dream Watch Company we take the stress out of saving, tear up the waiting list and give you a VIP pass to the front of the queue. Aiming to make your dream watch a reality in 30 days or less!

Take advantage of our incredible odds, competitive pricing and you’ll be well on your way to securing your dream watch!

To give you the best chances, we limit all our competitions to just 500 entries. We promise to keep it that way as long as you’re with us.

But, before you decide, take a look at our core beliefs below to see exactly why we believe our competitions are the right choice for you.

The best watches

We search the globe bringing you some of the hottest, most sought after watches around, whilst ensuring all our watches are immaculate, in as new condition. We promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

The best odds

We limit our competitions to just 500 entries so you’ll always have the best chances of winning with us.

The best price

We set our prices in relation to the value of the prizes, this gives you the choice to choose which of our competitions you wish to enter, knowing that you’ll be getting the best value for money, every time.

Andrew Gorse – Competition Director

I have always been a huge fan of luxury watch brands such as Rolex and Omega. It is sad to see how these watches are becoming more and more unobtainable, due to limited supply and the sharp rise in resale value on the “grey market”.

Seeing what other competition companies were doing with luxury cars, holidays and even houses; the idea came to me that this would be a great way to help people obtain their dream watch, for a fraction of the price!

Creating fair and honest competitions is the main goal with Dream Watch Company. People need to have a legitimate chance of winning. Keeping odds low and entry prices realistic is something we feel very strongly about. We believe that this, along with the high standard of the watches we provide, is what’s going to make Dream Watch Company the only competition site you’ll ever use again.

The Best Watches

The Best Odds

The Best Prices